In the field of biological problems in wastewater treatment plants very few advanced on the job training exist internationally.

Training is often time-consuming and a problem for staff to attend mostly out of town facilities. A major part of most training programs is the microscopy of activated sludge. A very complex issue which often overburdens the participants with knowledge they mostly do not need for their own particular plant work.

Individual training tailoring to the specialties of each single wastewater treatment plant, is often not possible. This is where the Dr. Silke Schnurbusch-Biological Wastewater Treatment - Consulting & Training makes up the difference. They offer on site training no matter where its required in the world. These trainings are specially focused on the scope of work and the knowledge of each participant. With full prior knowledge of the treatment plant on site, they are able to offer tailored training suiting the specific needs of the staff and site.