Dr. Silke Schnurbusch-Biological Wastewater Treatment - Consulting & Training offers expert advices to operators of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Problems in biological wastewater treatment plants have many roots. For instance they can quickly be differentiated by the buildup of bulking and foaming sludge or foam formation in the aeration tank or a decrease of cleaning capacity by toxic wastewater ingredients. Experience pays in the knowledge of differentiation and more importantly, in the know how to take the correct preventative action.

Dr. Silke Schnurbusch-Biological Wastewater Treatment-Consulting & Training:

~ answers your questions and together with you develops concepts and solutions for biologically caused operational problems in both national and international wastewater treatment plants.

~ answering your wastewater piloting plant questions before the construction of a full scale treatment plant.

~ offering you an independent consulting service consisting of step by step actions.